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Discover why you keep self sabotaging with food (even when you're determined not to!)

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Ever wonder why you keep self-sabotaging with food?

✗   You’ve tried countless diets with some success but end up gaining all the weight back and more
✗   You spend hours each day obsessing over what to eat and how you look
✗   But no matter how much willpower or self-control you have, eventually the cravings always win

The struggle is real.

To stop self-sabotaging with food you need to get to the bottom of what you’re really craving.

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Answer 30 questions on a scale from 1-10. It’s completely free and takes less than 5 minutes.


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Discover what you're really craving (hint: it's probably not food!)

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We'll diagnose your food cravings across the following key areas:

Physical Hunger

Are you nourishing your physical body in ways that supports your energy, mood and vitality?

Mental Hunger

Is your mind organised, calm & motivated, or is it causing stress, worry and overwhelm?

Emotional Hunger

Do you have healthy coping mechanisms for managing emotions without turning to food?

Spiritual Hunger

Are you happy and fulfilled in your life or is there something missing or holding you back?

Hey, I'm Joni Seeto


I know how exhausting it feels to worry about food and weight all day. How self-conscious you feel every time you leave the house. How you hate yourself when, yet again, you end up eating something you shouldn’t. And how sometimes the only thing that can make you feel better in those moments of shame and self-hatred… is food.

Like you, I spent 20+ years stuck in the cycle of dieting and binging. Once I learned how to stop self-sabotaging with food, I discovered a sense of inner peace I didn’t even know existed.

For the first time in my life I felt... Weightless.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds more women experience this same sense of weightlessness that comes from feeling confident in your own skin and at peace with food.

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Ready to make peace with food and feel confident in your skin? 

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