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Feel Weightless

Stop self-sabotaging with food and feel confident in your own skin through transformational coaching & hypnotherapy

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✔   Make peace with food
✔   Reclaim your worth
✔   Feel comfortable in your skin

It's exhausting to spend your whole life feeling self-conscious about your weight

✗   Feel like you’ve tried every diet that exists?
✗   But no matter how hard you try, you always end up self-sabotaging?
✗   So then you turn to food for comfort?
✗   Which ultimately only makes you feel worse about yourself?

The struggle is real.

But do you really want to get to 80 years old and still be worrying about your weight?

Feel confident in your own skin again

Spending your whole life feeling like there’s something wrong with your weight takes a toll, and it can easily leave you feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

I promise you though, there isn’t.

It’s just that all those diets you've tried over the years were never able to help you release what’s truly been weighing you down.

As a certified Emotional Eating Coach with first-hand experience of what it takes to end this lifelong struggle with food and weight, I’m here to help you to stop self-sabotaging with food so you can finally feel confident in your own skin again.

What are you really craving?

Take the Decode Your Cravings quiz and get personalised insights on why you keep turning to food (even when you're determined not to!)

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Hey, I'm Joni Seeto


I know how exhausting it feels to worry about food and weight all day. How self-conscious you feel every time you leave the house. How you hate yourself when, yet again, you end up eating something you shouldn’t. And how sometimes the only thing that can make you feel better in those moments of shame and self-hatred… is food.

Like you, I spent 20+ years stuck in the cycle of dieting and binging. It’s only when I hit rockbottom back in 2017 that I finally figured out how to stop self-sabotaging with food — and discovered a sense of inner peace I didn’t even know existed.

For the first time in my life I felt... Weightless.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds more women experience this same sense of weightlessness that comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin and at peace with food.

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"I'm out enjoying life again!"

I came across Joni when I was truly at my wits end. I’d had it with myself and thought my life was doomed to a cycle of dieting, losing weight, gaining back more than I lost, then feeling so disgusted with myself that I’d binge to comfort myself - and doing that over and over again.

Now I finally see that my worth is so much more than a number on the scale. I’m releasing my emotional baggage and after years of isolating myself I’m finally out and about enjoying life again. I'm so grateful!

-Sarah H.

"I'm more confident now than I've been in a long time!"

Before I met Joni I hated my body and convinced myself I had to be a certain weight to be loved and valued by others. Funny how things change once you start liking the person in the mirror!

I’ve gained so much insight to myself, the root causes of the emotional eating and steps towards body acceptance. I'm more confident now than I've been in a long time!

- Palma I.

What help do you need?

"I want to understand why I turn to food"


If you struggle to understand why you keep turning to food (even when you’re determined not to!), take the Decode Your Cravings quiz to get instant insights into what it is you’re really craving.

✔  Discover what’s really driving you towards food
✔  Get personalised tips on how to break the cycle of dieting and emotional eating
✔  Totally free and takes just 5 minutes to complete

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"I want to break the cycle once and for all"


During this live 90-minute online workshop, you'll discover how to stop self-sabotaging with food so you can finally feel confident in your own skin again. You'll also learn:

✔  The REAL reason why you've been struggling with weight (and why some things seem to work for others, but never for you)
✔  How to break the cycle of dieting and emotional eating once and for all
✔  The proven 6-step psychology-based strategy that has helped countless women across the globe make peace with food, reclaim their worth and feel confident in their own skin

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How to Stop
Self-Sabotaging with Food

Break the endless cycle of dieting and emotional eating so you can finally feel confident in your own skin again

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